Exploring Kauai with a Toddler

An island full of trails and adventure, is there anything you can bring your toddler on? We did! Before we arrived we looked online at the tours and most of them required kids to be at least 5 years old, we are not waiting 2 years to have some adventures so off we go!

First stop the train, hike and lunch tour at Kauai Plantation Railway. This is a great tour for kids as you get to feed some livestock and get lots of different fruits to try in the orchard, our sons favorite part. There was a train ride at the beginning and end of the tour and a short muddy hike in the jungle where the tour guide shows different plants and trees. Make sure to bring shoes that have gripping soles and grab a walking stick when they offer especially if it’s raining like it was when we went. They do offer ponchos if you don’t bring a rain jacket. Lunch is served right after the hike so it keeps crankiness at bay for kids and adults. Then its off to the orchard where you try many different varieties of citrus and can even take some to eat later. Finish off with a short train ride back to the plantation where you can checkout the mansion and grounds before leaving.

Kauai coffee a great trip for parents and kids alike. They have 4 free guided tours a day or you can walk on your own. Free samples of many different varieties of coffee including decaf, shop, museum and a cafe that serves kid friendly fare- hot dogs and ice cream.

Anaina hou community park is a great place to spend an afternoon and if you go on Wednesday or Saturday you can checkout the farmers market. They have mini golf, a botanical garden, playground and lots of chickens.

Po’ipu Beach is the perfect spot to spend a sunny day. With great snorkeling for the adults, turtle sightings, playground and a beach with low waves you can’t go wrong. If you in the area a stop to the spouting horn is a must, this way one of my sons favorite sites.

Take a drive up to Waimea Canyon. Breathtaking views from many viewpoints up the mountain. Be sure to go all the way to the top to see Pu’u o Kila lookout. Bring snacks as this drive takes a bit to go all the way to the top. There are trails at the viewpoints if you are feeling adventurous, some can be quite the trek.

Take a drive up north to Princeville where you can see the Kilauea lighthouse, Maniniholo dry cave which is across from Ha’ena beach park, ke’e Beach and Hanalei valley lookout. The north is usually rainy so be prepared. If you drive north you should make a stop at Jojo’s shaved ice-a crowd pleaser and you just need one to share they are so big!

There are so many beaches, trails, and sites to explore on the island of Kauai. Not to mention the great places to eat including Bubba Burger, JoJo’s Shaved Ice, Puka Dog and Chicken in a Barrel to name a few. We are excited to take another trip to see more and experience some of the tours for kids 5 and older. No matter your age Kauai is an island of adventure, beauty and yummy food. Mahalo and Aloha!


10 things an Alaskan mom would say

I thought I would do a fun short post and list 10 things I have said as an Alaskan mom that mom’s in the “lower 48” may not have had the pleasure of saying to their kiddos.

10 things only Alaskan moms would say:

  1. Don’t eat the yellow snow
  2. Watch out for bears
  3. We don’t have snow days we have cold days -50
  4. No flip flops in the winter
  5. Put your boots in the arctic entry
  6. Wear snowpants under your Halloween costume
  7. You’re going to get cabin fever
  8. We’re going to the lower 48 for winter break
  9. It’s breakup!
  10. Wait for your PFD

What have you said to your kids that moms from other places may not have said?

Guam Poor Man’s Hawaii?

Guam Poor Man’s Hawaii

Guam the poor man’s Hawaii…..or that’s what people say but is it really? I took a trip to Guam with my family including my two year old son. What I found was an exquisite paradise that is even kid friendly. Guam is a US territory and has an interesting history with the US and Korea. Tourists from Asia seem to make Guam a frequent holiday spot but it seems to be little known to other countries. It could be due to the flight time from the western part of the world however if you find yourself looking for something a little less traveled and full of culture, beaches, jungle and ocean take a look at Guam, the less explored Hawaii.

Six of Guam’s must do’s:


  1. Talofofo Falls Park

Talk about breathtaking! Talofofo Falls had everything from hikes along the waterfalls to tea cup rides. There was even a garden of statuses that left little to the imagination (not suitable for young eyes). A cable car takes you above the waterfalls down to the trails. Take a short hike to a museum and a little trolley to take you to the hole in the ground where a man lived for 20 years trying to escape a war that was over.

  1. Two Lovers Point

Two Lovers Point had extraordinary views, a restaurant, souvenirs and a place to declare your love. The story is about two lovers that meet their demise off the cliff of Two Lovers Point. Tourists put lockets on the fence and surrounding area with messages of love.


  1. Underwater World

One of the longest underwater tunnels with sharks, manta rays and a variety of other sea life. They even have a special dinner in the tunnel for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. If you want to try and swim with the dolphins there is an option to add to your adventure.

  1. Festivities/Locals

The locals are very friendly, if you want to see more of the local scenes in Guam make a conversation with a local to find out when the next celebration for their families patron saint is. Each family in Guam celebrates a patron saint and there are festivals a couple times a month to celebrate them.

  1. Snorkeling

Tropical fish and more tropical fish, turtles and dolphins are all possibilities to see if you take a snorkel trip by boat or even off the shore from one of the many beaches. Taking a boat tour there is a good possibility to spot dolphins swimming just one of the many amazing sights in a tropical island.

  1. Guam National Wildlife Refuge

Hiking, swimming, cave exploration, and beach bumming this place has it all. Start off with a hike in the jungle and explore some caves. Then head down to the Ritidian beach for lunch and a cool off in the ocean. You have beautiful white sand beach, ocean and jungle you could ask for a better picture spot. Just be sure to bring a cooler full of cool drinks and snacks to make your day complete.





Ten things to do with kids in Fairbanks, Alaska

Ten things to do with kids in Fairbanks, Alaska

The second largest city in Alaska may lack in shopping and scenery but has plenty of things for kids to do. Home of the midnight sun the Golden Heart city, Fairbanks, has plenty going on at all hours during the summer. From the midnight sun festival to the midnight sun run kids of all ages can enjoy summer in Fairbanks, Alaska.

  1. Visit Santa Claus

The Santa Claus house in North Pole, Alaska just a 20 minute drive from Fairbanks is a must see when visiting. You can’t miss it when driving by as a 42 foot tall Santa Claus stands at the entrance to the Santa Claus house. Inside you will find reindeer, gifts, and of course Santa Claus himself ready to hear the Christmas wish list.

  1. Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park formerly known as Alaska Land to long time locals has a variety of activities for kids to partake in including the Pioneer Air Museum, mini golf, playground, ice cream, train rides and they can even feed the local ducks.

  1. Chena Lakes

Chena Lakes located outside Fairbanks in North Pole has plenty of outdoor fun. There is a playground, beach area for kids to swim in the lake, volleyball net, nature trails for hiking or biking, fishing, camping and non-motorized boat rentals.

  1. Tanana Lakes

New to the scene in Fairbanks Tanana Lakes is a up and coming park. With most activities revolving around the lakes; there is a motorized lake for boating and a non-motorized lake for floating, canoeing and swimming. They have a picnic area with barbeques and in the works is a music area for kids and a playground.

  1. North Pole Park

In North Pole there is a children’s park located down Santa Claus lane that not only has playground equipment but musical instruments for kids to play with.

  1. Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum has plenty for kids to do. There is a entrance fee of $10 but once you get inside you can’t get your kids to leave. They have educational items such as microscopes,

  1. Romper Room

Romper room is a  great place to beat the rain. Romper room has indoor bounce houses that they change out every month for the kids to jump around on. There are usually 3-4 bounce houses up with slides, ball pits, obstacle courses and more. The entrance fee includes a new pair of socks which you get to keep.

  1. UAF Museum Family Day

A learning experience for kids University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Museum Family day happens once a month on a Saturday. Topics change each month and can range from space to fossils. Check out the UAF Museum page for more information.

  1. Creamer’s Field trails

Borealis Forest trail is a good easy hike to go on with kids it’s only a 1 mile loop and has a lookout about halfway through the trail. You can take side trails as well to see more ponds, ducks, moose, cranes, and owls.

  1. Attend local events

Depending on the time of year you visit Fairbanks, there is plenty of festivals and events going on that are kid friendly. The Midnight Sun Festival held June 21st each year has local vendors (making things from crafts to food), rubber ducky race, and kids games.

Fairbanks is a great place to visit with your family. There are also many lakes, hiking trails, and so much more to see.

South Carolina Tours

Old Town Trolley Tours in Savannah, South Carolina was a blast! If you haven’t been to Savannah, it is a must do to learn about American history and explore a beautiful city. The city of Savannah is literally the city built on bones. It is eye opening to hear about the start of our country the civil war and sickness that plagued the first settlers not to mention the roaring 20’s and all that came with that time period. To learn more about Savannah’s history we did the hop on/off tour the first day we got there and really enjoyed it. Teri Love was our first tour guide and we rode the trolley without getting off the first time through; she was hilarious and knowledgeable. We learned about all the movies filmed in Savannah including, “Forest Gump” and “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” There are stops along the tour that actors hop on and tell a story about a historical figure and what happen in that time period. When we got off and back on we had a couple tour guide but Eddy finished up our tour and he was a history buff, he was very informative and had a good voice for the tour. We learned different historical facts with each of the guides which was nice that they all had their own area of expertise.

The next day we decided we wanted to go on the Grave Tour (ghost tour) with Old Town Trolley again which included dinner at the Pirates House. To eat at The Pirates House you must have reservations (as with anywhere in Savannah). It was a buffet style dinner and they had us in a separate room all together as a group instead of in the regular dining area. It was good southern food and after our meal we continued our tour to the rum cellar which was creepy. The Grave Tour gave us a different side of Savannah, the less known side including all the murders, deaths from the war and underbelly of the city. It was good historical information and not over the top with ghostly things.

Overall we had a good time. We did all this with our 2 year old who seemed to enjoy it all and waves at the trolleys now.

The Walking Dead Tour

Yes, that’s right we are TWD fans! We took TWD (The Walking Dead) tour in April with Atlanta Movie Tours and we found out where Alexandria is really located, it’s in a cute small town in Senoia, Georgia. TWD tour was fantastic, not only did we get to see where a lot of the scenes were filmed from Season 1 up unto the current season 7 but we also got to try TWD cafe before our tour started which was so hip (bonus has good coffee and food too).

Our tour guide was a multiple season walker. We learned about filming and behind the scenes.  We seen all the filming spots available to public since season 1, we even seen scenes from the finale for season 7 (of course filming ended November). We learned how some other movies that were filmed in the same cute town such as Fried Green Tomatoes!  We brought our two year old son on the tour too, don’t worry there were no zombies to be seen…..that is until he fell asleep. After the tour was over we explored TWD museum (where the zombies were) and met a “savior” from the show! Needless to say the tour was a blast, we got lots of photos, met some cool people and got some exercise. If you ever find yourself near Alexandria take a look at TWD tour especially if you are a fan.

Flying With A Baby, Oh My! Paperback…..

My first book is now available on paperback and e-book! If you get a chance to read my book, Flying With A Baby, Oh My!, please feel free to leave a review on Amazon or comment to let me know what you thought of it. I hope to release more books in the future and feedback is appreciated. Feedback will give me a better idea of what my readers would like to see. Thank you in advance! Happy Travels!!!!

Flying with a baby, oh my!

You walk on the airplane and start getting the “looks,” some sympathetic, some doting, and the all-time favorite “oh great a baby on the flight.” Traveling with babies and toddlers can be frustrating. I wrote a book with tips and tricks for parents traveling with babies and toddlers called, Flying With A Baby, Oh My! This book is intended to help new parents or those new to traveling with kids to make the process a little easier. I hope that all our traveling experience can assist you in your travels. Let’s get packing!

Coffee Cup Holder DIY

We love coffee and have a coffee station along with an espresso machine on the counter. Needless to say we have a bunch of coffee mugs that take up our precious cabinet space. We have seen them for sale on Etsy for $70 or more. We figured we would give it a try and put one together our-self. It cost us about $35!

  • First step was we measured the space and put painters tape on the wall to give us a visual of how big we wanted it and how many boards. We figured we wanted at least 12 hooks for mugs so we would have extras if we got more mugs.
  • Once we had our measurements we set out to go shopping. We found a 8 ft plank in a perfect color at Home Depot for $13.27.
  • We cut it into 3 sections so 2.6 ft each or 32″ wide and 15″ tall.
  • We then arranged the hooks to how we wanted them (we found them at Home Depot as well for $7.97 each for a 6 pack, they have cheaper ones but we wanted the thick ones as we have big cups). We measured with our biggest coffee mug, then took the inches from that to determine the space between hooks.
  • The hooks started 1″ from the top and 8″ between hooks on each row.
  • Next was to arrange the letter at the bottom. We spaced them out between hooks so you could still read it if a cup was hanging. We got the letters from JoAnnes for 99 cents each plus had a 20% off coupon. We spelled out “enjoy” but you could do what ever you like. We just used small picture nails we had to nail them in.
  • Finally we bought some D-ring hangers for $2.32 at Lowes to use on the back of the coffee cup holder to hang it on the wall.



Finished Product!

We hope this helps you design the perfect coffee cup holder for your kitchen.

Be Nice

It has been a while since I have blogged about anything. Needless to say I have been busy. Selling and buying a home in addition to the many organizations I volunteer for and medical issues…..but I am not one to talk about my personal issues.

Moving on to my blog purpose, recently it seems on social media with the political posts and just sharing everything people don’t stop to think before they post what it means to someone else. Maybe it’s because they feel anonymous online or maybe they just don’t have a filter. If someone doesn’t agree with your opinion or candidate, why would you resort to calling them stupid or a moron?  What is this solving? They are not going to agree with you anymore if you call them names and you are definitely not going to become better friends with them. It only expresses how angry you are and hurts the other person. You can express your opinion without resorting to hurtful accusations. Let’s also stop to think about who are friends are online and if they have experienced something that we are re-posting. You never know what personal struggle someone is going through. I know we have freedom of speech but do we have to be mean or rude just because we can say anything?

In just a couple of months it is Christmas and with the holiday season coming up let’s try to be nicer to one another and think about what we are posting before we hit submit. Is this really something that needs to be said or am I just trying to hurt the other person because I am angry? Or do I need to share this?  What would it be like if everyone was nice online and posted happy things? Just even for a month. Would everyone be happier?